Concord Sub Floor Ventilation

For better protection against condensation, rising damp, mould growth, timber decay and other moisture-related problems, contact us today here at Extract Air. We’ll install fans below the suspended timber and concrete floors and ensure maximum cross ventilation. You’ll benefit from our cost-effective and energy-saving solution specifically designed for your home or building.

Concord sub floor ventilation

Inner West customers as well as those from the surrounds always choose our team because of our 15+ years professional experience and our reputation for providing the best value to all our customers. This way, our customers can truly save money both upfront and in the long term.

That is possible because our installations come with a 5-year warranty (in contrast to just the 12-month warranty for DIY installations). Customers even save more money in the long term because of our system’s long service lifetime. We also install timers and other energy-saving solutions.

Aside from the 5-year warranty as well as the upfront and long-term savings, customers also benefit from our systems’ quiet operation and superior aesthetics. In addition, our installations are fully compliant with Australian Standards. You won’t also have to think about the future maintenance and repair because the ducts, fans and vents are designed and built according to our harsh climate and environmental conditions.

Moisture levels can instantly and persistently get high especially in bathrooms, laundries, wardrobes and entry ways. Through the weeks and months, slowly and gradually the resulting condensation and rising damp will cause cracked walls, timber decay, staining, mould growth and poor indoor air quality. This is always true whether your home or building is at or near the green Golf Club and St Lukes Park North or somewhere mostly concrete such as around the Crane St or Churchill Cres. Inside the buildings moisture can quickly build up and cause damage through the weeks, months and years.

Contact us today if you want to better protect your property from moisture-related problems. We’ll start with a free no-obligation assessment and inspect any existing moisture control installations in the property. We can replace or upgrade the installation or set up the entire subfloor ventilation from scratch. This way, you’ll truly save money and you’ll further prolong your structure’s lifetime.