Choosing The Right Contractor: Sub Flooring Ventilation


You’ve decided to invest in renovations to your house. After you have saved the money you need for the project, it’s time to start considering who is the right person to take on the job. There are many considerations you need to factor in during decision making – time, expense, availability of contractors, etc. We provide insight into how to make these choices and more when you’re choosing a contractor.

Sub flooring ventilation is regarded as a relatively niche home improvements sector. In this post we aim to sway you towards choosing Extract Air when you wish to revitalize everything by installing sub floor ventilation. If the air in your home is musty or prone to damp air, contact us today to discuss the problem and what you can do to improve the quality of air in your home.


In almost every case, it pays to employ a contractor with significant tenure in their business. Experienced tradespeople have more know-how when it comes to planning and managing your next home renovation project. This means the job is more likely to be completed at a high quality standard and will be finished within a reasonable time frame. Be sure to check references and reviews when employing a sub flooring contractor to ensure you pick the right team.

Most experienced tradespeople, sub flooring ventilation contractors included, will advertise the number of years they have worked in the business. When it comes time to make a decision, choose a sub flooring ventilation contractor with the experience you need to ensure your job gets completed quickly and to specifications. At Extract Air, we have 15 years’ experience in the sub flooring ventilation industry which means we tend to get the job done right the first time.


There’s nothing better than enjoying premium peace of mind following installation of your new home features. The best way to achieve this is to employ a contractor who provides a warranty or guarantee on the parts or components he has installed. This means that in the unfortunate instance that a good job was not done, you can contact the contractor who did the work and request replacement parts or maintenance at no cost.

Not all contractors will provide this product feature, however at Extract Air we do. We provide a five-year warranty on all installations completed by our team of contractors. We also provide a 12 month warranty on DIY jobs using parts we have supplied. Our warranties gives you confidence that the cross flow ventilation under your floor area performs well and is unlikely to suffer damage easily.

High Quality Components

Use of high quality components is a hallmark of any contracting business that wishes to remain active in their sector. Some contractors will skimp on costs in order to save on overhead. At Extract Air, we only use the highest quality sub floor ventilation fan systems and mechanical ventilation grilles.

We design and manufacture all of our products in Australia, ensuring high quality and compliance with manufacturing and safety standards. This gives us the ability to offer the guarantees listed above, and gives us ultimate confidence in the longevity and high performance of our work.

Contact Extract Air

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or anything else related to the underfloor ventilation in your house, call Extract Air today to discuss your problem.

We’ll call out and inspect your site at no cost. During a call out, we will recommend you install a sub floor ventilation system. This will protect your home from the aforementioned damp-related problems and provide fresh air throughout your home. We operate Monday to Friday, so don’t delay, call us today.