Chatswood Sub Floor Ventilation

Poor underfloor ventilation can result in persistent and serious problems such as timber decay, rising damp, mould growth and poor indoor air quality.

To help prevent those problems from getting worse, a tailored sub floor ventilation system is a cost-effective solution.

Chatswood sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air, our team with 15+ years of professional experience installs underfloor fans that have already resulted in the following outcomes:

In addition, our residential and commercial customers get more value because of:

We tailor each installation according to what each customer requires. This way, the resulting installation will result in maximum savings and optimal long-term outcomes such as passive and cost-saving protection against persistent damp problems.

Our technical and practical installations often include many of the following:


All the parts and components are designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions. This results in zero or minimal maintenance and long-lasting performance and operation.

Customers benefit from our 15+ years of experience because we’re able to come up with the optimal and most cost-effective solution for each home, building or heritage structure. We’ve mastered the ins and outs of underfloor ventilation systems and different structures. This results in maximum crossflow ventilation in the building foundations and underfloor areas.

Contact us today here at Extract Air and we’ll start with a free no-obligation assessment on your home or building you manage. Our service area includes locations at or near the Golf Club, Beaconsfield Rd, Lowanna Park, Wallace Park Reserve, Chatswood Chase Sydney, Harwood Ave and Beauchamp Park.