Causes and Remedies of Moisture in Basement


Though moisture related problems are common in basements, these issues are often not understood or treated with importance. Moisture in basement is a serious concern for basements that are connected to the building’s living space via ductwork or other openings. Presence of too much moisture is not only uncomfortable and annoying, but it may also be responsible for health related concerns for the occupants. Damp subfloor areas provide the perfect conditions for the growth of moulds and mildew. If left unattended, subfloor moisture also has a negative impact of the structural integrity of the building. Therefore, before finishing a basement, it is important to deal with the moisture related problems.

Understanding the Problem:

Correction of basement moisture problem starts with understanding the source of water and the mechanism that is allowing the moisture to enter the basement. Sometimes, basement moisture problems are also linked to poor construction with settling foundations, cracking, etc. One of the most common structural issues leading to this problem is the lack or a good downspout and gutter system. Also, it is important for the ground surface to slope away from the building foundation. Often times, basement moisture is also caused by a non-functioning or missing subsurface drainage system.

If your basement has a moisture problem, it can be identified by symptoms such as

Moisture Sources:

Mechanisms of Moisture Movement:

Causes of Basement Moisture Problems:

Solutions to Basement Moisture:

If you are facing moisture problem at home, the first thing you should do is to control or remove the moisture source rather than making a last minute effort to stop the damage. The easiest and the most inexpensive way to do this is the elimination of all sources of excess moisture from the basement.

Though dehumidification can help reduce basement humidity and odour, it is not a comprehensive solution. In fact, as it dries out the basement, it also rapidly draws moisture into the basement. Interior coatings of membranes can be used, but this is a temporary solution because these systems tend to deteriorate over a period of time.

Recommended Approach:

Finally, the most common and effective way to control basement moisture is the installation of a subfloor ventilation system. Talking about sub-floor ventilation, ExtractAir is one of the most trusted names in the industry with a thorough understanding of all aspects of subfloor moisture and its remedies. Please contact our experts today to discuss your subfloor moisture problems.