Castlecrag Sub Floor Ventilation

For better moisture control in your building foundations, contact us today here at Extract Air. We can install subfloor fans below your suspended timber or concrete floor. This will help prevent damp problems and expensive issues about timber warping, expansion, contraction and rotting.

Castlecrag sub floor ventilation

Many of our customers in the lower North Shore and throughout Sydney often choose us because:

Our long-term, quiet and cost-effective solutions have better managed and prevented the following:

These are all expensive problems. In addition, damp problems can result in poor indoor air quality and uncomfortable living conditions. This can in turn affect people’s health and productivity.

Our entire installation often includes mechanical fan systems, high-flow vents and long-lasting ducts. We also install timers and other energy-saving solutions so that customers receive more value.

Our tailored solutions are always practical and preferred because of the following features:

The result has always been a quiet, cost-effective and long-lasting protection against timber decay, condensation, mould growth and other damp problems.

To accomplish that, we first thoroughly study the site and note existing damp problems and the present condition and capabilities of the area’s subfloor ventilation (if there’s any). After that assessment, we then create a design that upgrades the existing system or that will result in maximum crossflow ventilation in the underfloor area.

Contact us today here at Extract Air if you require a cost-effective solution that will protect your structure and that of your family or building occupants. We can do a free no-obligation assessment in your area including locations at or near Sugarloaf Cres, Raeburn Ave, Marion Mahony Griffin Track, Linden Way Reserve and Cheyne Walk.