Castle Cove Sub Floor Ventilation

Timber decay, rising damp, persistent condensation, mould growth and termite infestation might be traced back to poor underfloor ventilation. To prevent those problems from appearing in the first place or from getting worse and irreversible, contact us today here at Extract Air.

Castle Cove sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air, we install cost-effective ventilation systems below the suspended timber and concrete floors of homes and buildings. Our tailored installations have resulted in the following:

We first start with a free no-obligation assessment where we determine the current moisture levels and problems in the home or building. Then, we design a tailored and cost-effective solution that includes the following:

Our customers get the best value because of the tailored installation that exactly matches their requirements.

In addition, customers get the best value because:

Through the years, we’ve helped customers better protect their homes and buildings from the continuous and permanent damage being brought by high underfloor moisture levels.

All our installations are fully compliant with the latest Australian Standards. This way, the parts and components will last long and continue to function properly. This is critical in ensuring moisture level control is always regulated. This is also critical in better protecting your building from persistent condensation, rising damp and mould growth.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation assessment and quote. We can do the assessment whether you’re at or near Rosebridge Ave, Headland Rd, Deepwater Rd, Willowie Rd, Willis Rd or Emerstan Dr.