Carramar Sub Floor Ventilation

We provide and install Australian-made subfloor ventilation fans for Carramar residential, commercial and residential structures. Our team here at Extract Air always tailors the solution and installation according to what the customer and site requires. We also provide a 5-year warranty and make sure the operation is of low cost.

Carramar sub floor ventilation

Our mechanical ventilation exhaust inline fan systems, mechanical ventilation intake fans, high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents and heritage vents have helped regulate and prevent the following:

It’s a great way of saving money from costly structural repairs as well as protecting the occupants from the biotoxins of mould. Working silently in the background (our fans and vents work in negligible noise and vibration levels), your property asset will be protected from the hazards of stale air and high moisture levels.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, you can be sure that the fans and the entire system will last long. With long service life and low running costs, you get the highest ROI while preventing costly problems related to condensation and rising damp.

Our underfloor ventilation systems are already found in several houses, apartments, commercial buildings and even heritage structures. We tailor each installation according to the site’s profile as well as the requirements and preferences of our customers (e.g. perhaps they only want the fans to be turned on at certain hours). With this tailored approach and solution, the subfloor moisture levels are regularly kept in check while helping improve indoor air quality. Further, the building’s structural integrity is better protected because problems with timber decay and warping are prevented in the first place.

Contact us today here at Extract Air if you want a tailored and cost-effective underfloor fan and vent system for your house or building. You’ll benefit from our 15+ years of technical experience as well as from our commitment to deliver the most cost-effective solution for each customer. Our service area here in Carramar includes anywhere and everywhere in the suburb, whether it’s a residential or a commercial structure along or near Heiden Park, Oakdene Park, Dalmatia St, Fairfield Rehabilitation Centre, Atkins Ave, Mitchell St, Artir Street Reserve, River Ave, Waterside Cres, Studley Park, Carrawood Park and Edmondson Cres.