Carlton Sub Floor Ventilation

Prevent rising damp and better regulate subfloor moisture levels with our cost-effective ventilation systems. We tailor our solutions here at Extract Air to provide the highest return and value to our clients.

Carlton sub floor ventilation

Constant high humidity levels in the foundations and under the floors result in rising damp, timber decay, warped and expanded timber floor, condensation and cracked walls (plus unpleasant water marks on the paint, plaster and other surfaces). Worse, the high moisture levels will encourage mould growth and eventually affect the occupants’ respiratory health.

One practical way to prevent all that is through a cost-effective and low maintenance fan system in the subfloor. With better air circulation and regulation of moisture levels you prevent both costly problems and health risks. You also better protect the structural integrity and aesthetics of your asset.

We service the entire Carlton area including places near the Railway Parade, Carlton Parade, Princes Highway,  Willison Rd, Durham St, Westbourne Street, Jubilee Oval, Kogarah Park and Tinsdale Reserve. We design tailored fan systems (low maintenance, low cost, minimal noise and vibration) for residential, commercial and heritage structures.

Clients in Carlton and the surrounds choose us often because of the following:

It’s a passive solution to consistent moisture regulation in the foundations and subfloors. You prevent costly problems in repairing and getting rid of the annoying water marks on painted walls and ceilings. You also better maintain your asset’s structural integrity because you minimise and slow down wood rot.

Contact us today here at Extract Air if you require cost-effective fan systems for subfloor ventilation. We will first assess the site and look for risks and current problems such as rising damp and condensation. Then we will design a tailored solution fit for your requirements.