Canterbury Sub Floor Ventilation

If you want to prevent timber decay, warping timber floor, cracked walls, staining and watermarks on wall paints and other structural problems resulting from condensation and rising damp, an underfloor ventilation system is the optimal solution for you. The Extract Air team with 15+ years of experience will design a tailored underfloor exhaust and vent system for you.

Canterbury sub floor ventilation

Effective moisture control in your building foundations can better protect your entire structure from condensation, rising damp, timber damage and mould growth. Building occupants will also benefit because of better indoor air quality.

Homes and buildings near Charles St, Close St, Broughton St, Cooks Avenue, Woolworths, Tasker Park, Northcote St and everywhere in Canterbury are at risk of slow and gradual deterioration due to high moisture levels. It’s a natural consequence of having a humid subtropical climate as well as further development and urbanisation in the area.

To help prevent expensive structural problems and maintain good indoor air quality, you can request for a free no-obligation assessment of your house or building. Then, we can install mechanical ventilation fans, high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents and heritage vents. The goal is to maximise cross-flow ventilation under the suspended timber and concrete floors while helping you save money (we can also set up energy-saving solutions such as timers).

It’s a quiet and effective way of extracting stale air and introducing fresh air into the building foundations. Whether it’s a new or existing structure, an underfloor vent system will help you save money in the long term as well as protect the occupants’ respiratory health.

Customers in the Inner West and South Western Sydney choose us because of our 15+ years experience, tailored installation according to the latest Australian Standards, energy-saving solutions and high-quality ducts and fans. Customers are also delighted because the resulting installations are aesthetically pleasing (consistent and discreet design).

Contact us today and the Extract Air team can assess your home or building. We’ll check the current moisture levels and the condensation and rising damp issues. We can also note any existing underfloor system if they require an upgrade for better foundation moisture control.