Canley Vale Sub Floor Ventilation

We install energy-efficient and long-lasting sub floor vent and fan systems in Canley Vale. For more than 15 years we’ve installed subfloor moisture control systems in homes, apartments, commercial buildings and heritage structures. Contact us today and we’ll start with a free no-obligation assessment.

Canley Vale sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air we provide and install tailored cost-effective solutions perfect for each building and structure. Property owners and asset managers choose us because our installations are high quality, long lasting and energy efficient. Here are their other reasons for choosing us:

Our ventilation systems installed below suspended and timber floors have helped prevent and better control condensation and rising damp problems. This in turn prevented cracked walls, warped timber and mould growth. As a result, the property asset managers and owners have better protected the structure while the occupants benefit from improved indoor air quality.

Because our installations are of low maintenance and long lasting, our customers have gained high ROI from our modern and effective fans and vent systems. They also get better value because our approach is always tailored according to the site’s profile and current level of condensation and rising damp. We can do this free no-obligation assessment wherever your property is located in Canley Vale (we service residential and commercial location at or near The Avenue, Avenel St, Freeman Ave, Adams Park, Pevensey St, Prospect Rd, Hartley’s Oval, Lansvale Public School, Sherwin Park, Parkes Reserve, Charlotte Cres and Chancery St).

Contact us here today at Extract Air if you want to protect your building’s structural integrity and improve indoor air quality through cost-effective underfloor vent and fan systems. You’ll benefit from our 15+ years of professional experience as we carry out the installation and ensure smooth and efficient cross flow ventilation below the suspended timber and concrete floors of your building.