Canley Heights Sub Floor Ventilation

We supply and install sub floor ventilation solutions for Canley Heights residential, commercial and heritage structures. You’ll benefit from our 15+ years of professional experience through the careful selection of fans and vent systems.

Canley Heights sub floor ventilation

Our cost-effective solutions are designed to withstand the harsh Australian environmental conditions. The entire systems and the parts and components will last long plus you’ll gain peace of mind because of the 5-year warranty. You can also benefit from our low-energy and low-maintenance underfloor vent solutions.

Our subfloor home and commercial ventilation systems have already achieved the following outcomes:

Those are the results of our expertise as well as how we tailor the solution and installation. We first perform the assessment so that we’ll know the levels of condensation and rising damp in the structure. We’ll also carefully listen and study the customer’s requirements so that we can design an appropriate solution. For example, beachfront properties may have a different set of requirements than those inland. Also, there are certain designs of vents that are more appropriate for heritage structures.

Our low-cost ventilation fans come with a 5-year warranty so that you’ll get a high return on investment. These will work with minimal noise and vibration (they’ll just work silently in the background). The result is you gain peace of mind while your asset and the occupants get ongoing protection from condensation and rising damp.

Contact us now and the Extract Air team will start with a free assessment and quote. We will design a tailored low-energy solution that is fully compliant with Australian standards. Our team can promptly get to your site wherever you are in Canley Heights (we have an office here in Wakeley) including areas near Amelia Cres, Parklea Parade, Clarence St, Prince St, Canley Vale Rd, Avoca Rd, Peterlee Rd, Kiora St and St Johns Rd.