Canada Bay Sub Floor Ventilation

For a practical and cost-effective moisture control in your building foundations, contact us today here at Extract Air and we’ll do a free no-obligation assessment. We’ll assess the structure whether it’s near the Bayview Rd, Bellbird Cl, Maple Close Reserve Playground or Lucas Gardens School. Then, we can design a tailored ventilation system under the suspended timber or concrete floor of your building or home.

Canada Bay sub floor ventilation

Whether you’re actually near the bay or further inland such as near the Queens Rd, high humidity levels in your building foundations can slowly and surely cause expensive structural problems. Cracked walls, timber decay, warping timber floor, stains and watermarks and other issues will appear one by one because of condensation and rising damp. Respiratory health is also at risk because of mould growth and poorer indoor air quality.

To help you prevent all that, the Extract Air team will design a tailored system. Customers in the Inner West and throughout Sydney choose us because:

You’ll benefit from our 15+ years of professional experience. We’ll come up with the optimal solution that maximises cross flow ventilation while helping you save money. The resulting solution will also be aesthetically pleasing that is consistent with the design of your home or building.

Through the years we’ve installed underfloor ventilation systems in dwellings, commercial buildings and heritage structures. We’ve also installed energy-saving solutions (e.g. with timers) to maximise cost savings for our customers in the long term.

Contact us today here at Extract Air. Our systems are highly effective in extracting stale air and helping introduce fresh air below the suspended timber and concrete floors of homes and buildings.