Campsie Sub Floor Ventilation

If you want to better protect the aesthetic and structural integrity of your house or building (especially the timber floors, plaster, paint and brickwork), contact us today here at Extract Air and we’ll design a tailored underfloor vent system for you. This is a cost-effective remedy that yields high returns and savings in protecting your structural asset.

Campsie sub floor ventilation

Whether it’s along the busy Beamish Street, Amy St or Evaline St or somewhere near the Harcourt Public School, Anzac Park or Canterbury Hospital, we can perform a free no-obligation assessment of your house or building. We’ll look for early signs of rising damp, check the existing and fluctuating underfloor moisture levels and inspect any existing vent system. Then, we’ll design a tailored system that will better protect your underfloor areas from rising moisture and humidity levels.

Customers choose our tailored solutions and technical installation services because of our:

Our installations have been effective in controlling and treating rising damp, condensation, mould growth and musty smells. Through the years our customers have gained high returns because of our tailored and cost-effective solutions.

With a cost-effective underfloor vent system that quietly runs in the background, your house, building or the heritage structure you manage will be better protected from timber decay, timber warping and expansion, cracked walls, termite infestation, bubbling of paint and brickwork and other aesthetic and structural problems.

Contact us today here at Extract Air and we’ll start with a free no-obligation assessment of your property. We’ll then design a tailored system that would maximise cross ventilation in your underfloor areas. The result will be an optimal air flow through the underfloors while quietly protecting your house or building from high moisture problems that cause aesthetic, structural and respiratory health problems.