Camperdown Sub Floor Ventilation

To better protect your house or building from rising damp, mould growth and termite infestation, contact us today here at Extract Air and we’ll install a tailored and cost-effective underfloor vent system for you. With a 5-year warranty, low running costs and a long system lifetime, you’ll get the highest ROI while you protect your asset as well as the respiratory health of the occupants.

Camperdown sub floor ventilation

Located inland and with a dense population and structural presence (including near the University of Sydney and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital), it’s common for dwellings and buildings here to have high levels of underfloor moisture. This results in rising damp, structural problems and poor indoor air quality. Through the months and years the problems get worse and when they finally surface, most likely it’s too late or too expensive already.

To help prevent all that, our team can design a tailored underfloor vent system in your building. Property owners, managers, contractors and developers choose our solutions because of our:

Whether it’s a new structure, an existing one or a heritage building, we can design an optimised system to best protect your asset. With this simple and cost-effective remedy, you’ll be able to prevent cracked walls, timber decay, timber warping and other costly structural problems. Through the years you’ll be able to save thousands of dollars and even maximise the lifetime of your asset and structure.

More importantly, better control of moisture levels in the underfloor areas will result in an improved indoor air quality. The air will always smell fresh and you’ll have no worries about mould growth and biotoxins. In addition, termite infestation will be better prevented.

Contact us today here at Extract Air and we’ll do a free no-obligation assessment on your property (including the underfloor moisture levels and existing vent system if there’s any). We’ll come up with a tailored and cost-effective underfloor vent system design for you that will quietly protect your structure from rising damp and other moisture-related problems.