Cammeray Sub Floor Ventilation

Lack of underfloor ventilation can result in the following:

In other words, the lack of underfloor ventilation can lead to costly structural and health problems. To prevent those problems, it’s critical to have a practical and cost-effective system of regulating the moisture levels in your home foundations.

Cammeray sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air, we install tailored ventilation systems under suspended timber and concrete floors of new and existing homes and buildings. We first assess the site and determine the current moisture levels and problems. Then, we design a cost-effective solution to maximise cross flow ventilation and help our customers save money.

Many of our customers in Lower North Shore and all over Sydney choose us because of our:

Through the years, our tailored installations have helped achieve the following:

Our installations, which include mechanical fan systems, high-flow vents and long-lasting ducts, are designed to maximise cross flow ventilation. These are all built and tested to withstand our harsh Australian environmental conditions.

In addition, our tailored solutions have the following features:

Many of our customers choose to update their existing underfloor ventilation system to better regulate subfloor moisture levels. Also, many of them finally choose to have one installed to better protect their home and improve indoor air quality.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation assessment and quote. We’ll come up with a tailored and cost-effective solution to better protect your home or building from high subfloor moisture levels and the expensive problems that come along with them.

Our service area includes the entire Lower North Shore and Cammeray including locations at or near Cammeray Square, Miller St, Palmer St, Ernest St, Collin St, Weringa Ave, Cowdroy Ave and Churchill Cres.