Cabarita Sub Floor Ventilation

Whether it’s near the beach, Parramatta River, Kendall Reserve, Roberts Rd, Rosemeadow Dr or Prince Edward Park, all homes and buildings are subject to the threats of high subfloor moisture levels. This results in rising damp, condensation, mould growth, musty smells and termite infestation as well as structural damages such as the decay, warping and expansion of timber floors.

Cabarita sub floor ventilation

To prevent those from happening, a tailored subfloor vent system is a practical investment. The installation should be tailored to maximise cross ventilation, effectively drive out stale air and best protect your property and the occupants.

Here at Extract Air our team does all that. With our professional and tailored installations, our customers have saved money from structural repairs and maintained the aesthetics of their walls and timber floors. Aside from our 15+ years of professional experience, homeowners, contractors and building managers also choose us because:

Also, we tailor the installation of the external vents (where stale air comes out) so that they will complement the exterior aesthetics of the home or building (whether a commercial building or a heritage structure).

It’s a cost-effective way of quietly regulating the subfloor moisture levels whether you’re near the Parramatta River, beach or somewhere inland such as near Elphinstone Street. Through the months and years your building is better protected from structural problems (as well as protecting occupants from mould and respiratory problems).

For optimal protection and moisture control, our installations are tailored according to the results of free no-obligation assessments. We will find out and analyse the factors that cause high moisture levels as well as assess the current condition of your existing vent system. The result will be a tailored optimal system that will maximise cross ventilation and minimise operational costs.

Contact us today here at Extract Air if you want to better protect your building from subfloor moisture problems. We will assess your building and come up with a tailored plan and system for you.