Burwood Sub Floor Ventilation

For better control of subfloor moisture and as a preventive measure against mould growth, rising damp and termite infestation, you can contact us here at Extract Air. Whether it’s a Federation-style home, a shopping centre, a residential or commercial building near the railway line or somewhere along the Parramatta Rd and Chinatown, we can do a free no-obligation assessment and design a tailored system for your home or building.

Burwood sub floor ventilation

Our assessment includes finding out the causes of high moisture levels below the suspended timber and concrete floors as well as the condition of the existing sub-floor vent systems. After the assessment, we design a tailored system to maximise cross ventilation and save costs on installation and operation.

Homeowners, contractors and building managers (including those of heritage structures) choose our team and installations because:

Through our 15+ years of professional experience, we’ve designed and installed tailored underfloor vent systems that have remained operational for years. Our cost-effective solutions have helped prevent or regulate rising damp, timber decay, timber warping and expansion, cracked wall, mould growth and musty smell. These have resulted in major cost savings in repair and maintenance as well improved respiratory health to occupants.

It’s a low-cost investment in better protecting your home or building and maintaining good respiratory health. Through the years the savings could amount to thousands of dollars as well as help maximise the lifetime of your structure.

Contact us today here at Extract Air for a free no-obligation assessment of your dwelling or building. Whether it’s a relatively new structure or of heritage value, we can come up with a cost-effective solution for you.