Breakfast Point Sub Floor Ventilation

Even if your townhouse, apartment building or free-standing home is still new, there could still be problems with rising damp, condensation, timber decay and mould growth. This could be because of stale air and high moisture levels in the building foundations.

Breakfast Point sub floor ventilation

To better protect your dwelling or building, one way is to have a cost-effective subfloor vent system. This will ensure optimal airflow and get the stale air out. Whether your property is near the coast (somewhere along the Peninsula Dr) or really further inland such as near the Spring Park Ln and Mimosa Cct, you’ll benefit from our subfloor extractor fans, vents and system.

Our tailored solution will help:

Yes, Breakfast Point has undergone major transformations since the late 1990s because of an intensive urban renewal. The place has even received awards about lifestyle development and being a master planned community. However, all homes and buildings, whether coastal or inland, are still subject to the 24/7 threat of high moisture problems in the building foundations.

We help prevent and minimise that here at Extract Air. For more than 15 years, our cost-effective solutions have been able to protect properties and improve indoor air quality. Customers choose us because of our tailored approach, which results in optimal savings and maximum airflow.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, our extractor fans and systems are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and endure regular operation. With low vibration levels and negligible noise, our systems have delivered quiet protection under the floors. And with our tailored solution, which we design after a free onsite assessment (no obligation and with a free quote), you’ll get the best value and the highest ROI.

Contact us today here at Extract Air and we’ll do an onsite assessment (free, no obligation). This is a small step and a small investment in better protecting your property asset and improving indoor air quality.