Bexley North Sub Floor Ventilation

Wood rot, timber decay, cracked walls and warped timber floors can all be traced back to poor moisture control in the building foundations. These are all costly and may even trigger respiratory health problems due to mould growth.

Bexley North sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air we prevent all those scenarios through our practical under floor ventilation systems. This results in better moisture control which helps better preserve structural integrity and discourage mould growth.

We can do a free on-site assessment on your asset whether it’s located at or near the Bexley Road, Slade Road, Shaw Street, Bardwell Creek, Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Woolworths or Stotts Reserve. We’ll first look for problems such as rising damp and condensation. Our team will then design a tailored solution according to the problems and your requirements.

Asset owners and managers often choose us because of the following:

The result is a quiet ongoing protection against the insidious threats of moisture and condensation to buildings and the occupants’ health. You’ll also save money in the long run because you prevent costly damages and repairs for cracked walls and timber decay. Your asset also gains a favourable image because there are no visible and hidden problems.

It’s all about better air circulation and ventilation by extracting damp air and then letting fresh dry air to come in. This way there won’t be much moisture and condensation in the foundations and under floor systems. The result is a healthier structure and occupants.

Contact us today if you value health and structural integrity. Here at Extract Air we’ll design a tailored solution fit for your requirements.