Bardwell Park Sub Floor Ventilation

Poor moisture control in homes and buildings can affect structural integrity and the occupants’ respiratory health as well. Yes perhaps there are more urgent concerns right now but when we neglect the underfloor areas, more and worse problems are sure to come out sooner or later. Rising damp, timber decay, warped and expanded timber floor, cracked walls, musty smells and mould growth are just some of the problems if moisture levels are left unregulated.

Bardwell Park sub floor ventilation

It’s now time to invest in a cost-effective solution to better regulate the moisture levels in the underfloor areas. Here at Extract Air, we will create a tailored solution for your premises and requirements. You will benefit from our 15+ years technical experience in sub-floor ventilation systems.

Homeowners and asset managers often choose our team because of the following:

Temperature and humidity levels can still get unpredictably high here at Bardwell Park despite having a lot of surrounding green (e.g. Wolli Creek Valley, Coolibah Reserve, Silver Jubilee Park) and minimal commercial presence (around Hartill-Law Avenue and Slade Road). The microclimate in some areas can get uncomfortable especially inside premises with poor moisture control.

Cracked walls, warping of floors and timber decay will result in costly repairs later on and even lower the value of the asset. There’s also the concern about safety because structural integrity is already compromised. Worse, the occupants might be frequently exposed to biotoxins from mould, fungi and other microbes. High moisture levels give the ideal environment for dangerous microbes to thrive and affect human health.

If you want to better protect your asset and the occupants, a cost-effective ventilation system in your underfloor areas will help you save money while ensuring optimal protection. Even if it’s an old home, the Extract Air team will work around the constraints and your specifications. Phone us today at 0405 343 999  and we will start with a free no-obligation assessment.