Banksia Sub Floor Ventilation

Cost-effective underfloor ventilation systems available here for Banksia residential, commercial and heritage structures. We’ll tailor the design and installation according to your requirements and the structure’s present condition (e.g. presence and levels of condensation and rising damp).

Banksia sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air our subfloor vent and fan systems are effective at extracting air and introducing fresh air below the suspended timber and concrete floors of buildings. These fans and systems are designed to last long, require very low maintenance and withstand the harsh and fluctuating Australian environmental conditions.

Many homeowners and asset managers choose the Extract Air team because of the following:

Aside from slowing down or preventing the onset of cracked walls, expanded timber floors and unsightly water marks on floors and walls, an effective ventilation system also helps improve or maintain respiratory health. After all, unregulated moisture levels under the suspended floors lead to mould growth and musty smells (which can harm occupants with a compromised respiratory health and immune system).

Unsightly damages and marks on the paint, plaster and timber are expensive to repair. These marks also affect the value and perception on your asset. Gradually and insidiously, the underlying wood rot and infestation of mould and termites will require you to spend thousands of dollars on repair and material replacement.

It’s then a worthwhile investment to have low-cost ventilation fans under the floors. With our range of mechanical exhaust fans, mechanical ventilation intake fans, high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents and heritage vents, your asset will be better protected from insidious threats under the suspended floors.

Contact us today and we’ll first thoroughly assess the structure and the level of condensation and rising damp. The Extract Air team services the entire Banksia including places and structures near the Gardiner Park, Curtis Street, Railway St, Tabrett St and W Botany St. We’ll give you a free quote along with a tailored design solution appropriate for your asset.