Balmain Sub Floor Ventilation

To better protect your property asset and help improve indoor air quality, it’s important to have good moisture control in the building foundations. One practical way to achieve that is by having a cost-effective ventilation system below your suspended timber or concrete floor.

Balmain sub floor ventilation

This cost-effective underfloor ventilation system is important in buildings located at Darling Street and other commercial areas scattered throughout the suburb because of the fluctuating temperature and humidity levels (plus the worsening microclimate especially in Balmain’s central areas). Whether your dwelling or building is near the coasts (Sommerville Point, White Bay Cruise Terminal, Balmain Shipyard) or further inland such as around the Ann Cashman Reserve, The London Hotel and Punch Park, no home or building is spared from rising damp, condensation, timber decay and other moisture-related problems.

To prevent that, you can contact us here at Extract Air and our team will design a tailored system for you. Property asset managers as well as building contractors and developers often choose us because our solutions are:

Our sub-floor extractor fans and systems have helped prevent or minimise the occurrences of rising damp, timber decay, the warping and expansion of timber floors, cracked walls, musty smells, mould growth. Indeed, it’s a worthwhile investment to protect the property as well as improve indoor air quality.

For more than 15 years, we’ve been providing and installing cost-effective underfloor vent systems in residential and commercial buildings (we’ve also worked on heritage structures). With our experience and tailored approach, you can be sure everything is handled and installed according to the highest professional standards.

Contact us today here at Extract Air if you want better protection for your building and occupants through cost-effective underfloor ventilation. We’ll assess the site for free (no obligation) and we’ll come up with a tailored solution for your building and specific requirements.