Ashfield Sub Floor Ventilation

Just 15 minutes from the City and having a multicultural community, Ashfield has achieved a high urban density that means vibrance and activity. The suburb’s proximity to the CBD has also paved the way for businesses along Liverpool Road, Charlotte Street and Elizabeth Street to thrive.

Parks and churches are also plenty here. Ashfield Park, Pratten Park, Hammond Park and Yeo Park are perfect places to step back from the fast-paced and stressful living. On the other hand, residential and commercial structures (both old and new) are plenty here as well. They enable residential living and commercial activities to happen and they are all crucial to Ashfield’s energy and economy.

Ashfield sub floor ventilation

However, indoor air quality and structural integrity might be at question here if moisture is not controlled and regulated below suspended timber and concrete floors of residential and commercial buildings. The lack of sub-floor ventilation can result to the following:

To provide moisture control in your building foundations and better protect your asset, here at Extract Air we can install an appropriate sub floor ventilation system below your suspended timber or concrete floor. Our ventilation fans are designed to withstand the harsh Australian conditions and operate for long. You get a high return on investment not just on the sub floor ventilation fans, but also on how you will avoid costly repairs.

Moisture and condensation can cause destruction and expensive repairs and by the time you notice the signs, it could be too late. With mechanical ventilation exhaust fans, mechanical ventilation intake fans, high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents and heritage vents, you proactively protect your asset from the threats of moisture and mould growth.

For more than 15 years, we’ve been supplying and installing subfloor ventilation systems across all Sydney whether it’s a home, a commercial building or a heritage structure. After a thorough assessment (free and no-obligation), we can recommend a customised solution perfect for the moisture levels in your building.

Contact us here today at Extract Air if you want proper moisture control in your building foundations. This is a small but cost-effective investment to better protecting your property against mould and moisture.