Ashbury Sub Floor Ventilation

Ashbury is one of the ideal residential areas because of its proximity to the City and its concentration of residents (no commercial centre, just a few shops). Because of the lack of commercial activity here (which can be found in the City or nearby suburbs), it really feels like home.

There’s also the Peace Park which many people find relaxing and a perfect contrast to the busy and fast-paced city living. There’s also the heritage architectural style (particularly “Californian Bungalow”) that shows us a glimpse of the suburb’s past and rich history. Today, both old and new homes populate the suburb that now contribute to Ashbury’s identity and future.

Ashbury sub floor ventilation

But to best take advantage of that future, it’s crucial to take care of the essentials and the present. It’s especially the case with residential structures that have to withstand time and climate. The walls and floors should have their structural integrity unquestionable. Also, the respiratory health of the occupants should be accounted for.

Here at Extract Air we supply and install ventilation systems below suspended timber and concrete floors. With this better moisture control, there’s also better control or prevention of mould growth, condensation and rising damp. With mechanical ventilation exhaust fans, mechanical ventilation intake fans, high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents & heritage vents in place, we also help prolong and maintain the structural integrity of a building. That’s because excellent ventilation can help prevent the following:

For example, uneven moisture levels can make the soil below the building contract and expand. This might then make the brickwork, render and internal lining boards crack and get compromised. High moisture levels below the floors can also make timber floors warp and expand (the timber material will absorb the moisture). Timber foundations and floors might also decay which could collapse eventually.

Aside from the safety risks, high moisture levels can also result to costly ongoing repairs. Instead of using the money for improving the structure, the money is spent on expensive repairs. Here at Extract Air we can help you prevent that by installing subfloor ventilation fans for better moisture control. This is a small investment that yields a high return because you avoid costly repairs and the corresponding inconveniences. Contact us today and we’ll do an assessment of your property regarding the moisture levels and we’ll give you recommendations and a free and no-obligation quote.