Artarmon Sub Floor Ventilation

One way to help prevent early decaying of timber, staining of paint, cracking of walls and other potentially expensive problems is by having a subfloor ventilation system in your home or building. It’s a quiet and practical solution to help you save money in the long run.

Artarmon sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air, we install ventilation systems under suspended timber and concrete floors to help prevent expensive moisture-related problems (including rising damp, condensation, mould growth and termite infestation).

Many customers in lower North Shore choose us because:

It starts with a rigorous assessment (free and no-obligation, with a free quote). We first study the moisture levels in the home or building, look at the existing moisture-control installations and identify the present damage and future costly threats.

After the assessment, we design a tailored system that includes long-lasting fans, pumps, ducts and vents. We can even add timers so customers can save on their energy bills.

Our customers have received the best value and a high ROI because we’ve helped them achieve the following:

An underfloor ventilation system is a smart and practical solution to preventing expensive problems that will affect the value and appearance of your home or building. This is why many property owners, managers and developers choose to have one installed for long-term protection against moisture-related problems. And also for existing structures, many customers choose to have a subfloor vent system installed to prevent problems from getting worse and irreversible.

Contact us today if you require a smart and practical solution against costly timber decay, harmful mould growth and other moisture-related problems. We can start with a free no-obligation assessment (with a free quote) on your home or building (our service area includes Stafford Rd, Muttama Rd, Kitchener Rd, Broughton Rd, Broadcast Way and Lambs Rd).