Arncliffe Sub Floor Ventilation

High moisture levels below the suspended timber and concrete floors can result in timber decay, cracked walls and the warping and expansion of timber floors. Prevent all that with a quality underfloor ventilation system that will help you save money in the long run.

Arncliffe sub floor ventilation

Here at Extract Air we ensure years of trouble-free operation of quiet subfloor fan ventilation systems. These are designed to withstand the harsh Australian environmental conditions, which is why you’ll get value from them for several years to come. We can also design a low-maintenance and low-cost solution appropriate for residential, commercial and heritage structures.

We supply and install a range of mechanical exhaust fans, mechanical ventilation intake fans, high flow cement mesh vents, louvered grill vents and heritage vents. We tailor the combination and installation according to the present condition of the structure (we do a thorough assessment first and look for signs of rising damp and condensation).

Many of our customers choose us here at Extract Air because:

With a quiet and cost-effective ventilation system under the floor, you better protect your asset’s structural integrity. Also, with better moisture control you prevent or limit mould growth which results in better respiratory health of the occupants.

Right away and in the years to come, you slow down wood rot and prevent the annoying signs of unregulated moisture levels (warped and expanded timber floor, water marks on floors, walls and ceilings, musty smell, cracked walls, compromised structural integrity and safety). These are all costly to fix and remedy, which is why a quiet and cost-effective solution will work great.

Contact us today here at Extract Air and we’ll start with a thorough assessment and free quote (with a tailored solution for your asset). We service the entire Arncliff including areas near or along the Bonar St, Hill St, Wollongong Rd, Forest Road, Waratah St, Somerville Street, Eden St and anywhere in between.