Annandale Sub Floor Ventilation

We design and install subfloor vent and fan systems that help better protect assets from rising damp, mould growth and costly structural problems. You’ll benefit from our 15+ years of technical experience and commitment to reliability and cost efficiency.

Annandale sub floor ventilation

Our systems and installations are cost efficient because our fans, vents and exhaust systems are built to withstand daily operation and the harsh Australian climate and environmental conditions. Rest assured that the installation will last long and that it’s covered by a 5-year warranty. Everything will work quietly and efficiently in the background as well because of the low energy requirements.

Our tailored solutions have been already installed in several residential, commercial and heritage structures. Asset owners and managers have been glad because of the following:

Most important is that the occupants’ respiratory health will be better protected because of better indoor air quality. With proper moisture regulation inside the premises condensation and mould growth were controlled and discouraged.

Everything’s smooth and quiet because of the minimal vibration and noise of the fans and vent systems. We also ensure that the outside vents will match the structure’s aesthetics (we have designs that can align or complement heritage structures). And because the installation is tailored, you’ll achieve optimal results and efficiency from our solution.

Contact us today if you want to ensure proper and cost-efficient subfloor moisture regulation. Our service area includes residential, commercial and heritage assets at or near Glebe Foreshore Parks, Railway Parade, Cohen Park, Whites Creek Valley Park, Hinsby Park, Johnston St, Booth St, Collins St and Great Western Highway.

With our tailored solution you’ll gain peace of mind because everything will work effectively and silently in the background. This will yield a high ROI because you’ll prevent costly structural repairs and you better protect the occupants’ respiratory health.